1 Hour Forex

This indicator is used to trade the 1 Hour Forex Strategy by Jason Sweezey .

Best Trading Time

  • UK Session 2:00AM 3:00AM 4:00AM
  • US Session 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:00AM

Perfect time to enter the market is within the first 30 minutes from the open of the hour candle; however, it’s wise not to open position near the close of the hour candle because price may suddenly change direction.

We look for the price to open when the hour begins and hit a major S&R level then bounce back, then we enter the market as follows:

  • BUY Signal: once the candle changes from bear to bull by 1 pip;
  • SELL Signal: once the candle changes from bull to bear by 1 pip;
  • Stop Loss from 1 to 5 pips below the swing low of the current hour candle;
  • Take Profit at the closest level of support or resistance using either the Whole Numbers or Pivot Points.

1 Hour Forex


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