4X Pip Snager Trend

This indicator is part of the 4X Pip Snager System:

4X Pips Snager M1 Scalping System

EURUSD is the most profitable currency pair for this forex strategy. Trade the UK Opening session. Another profitable timeframe is the US Opening session 02:00 – 04:30 EST.

4X Pip Snager M5 Intra Day System

Very similar to the M1 Scalping System. The main difference is in the 5 minute chart whereas the Scalping System uses the 1 minute chart.

Set Stop Loss above/below the most recent swing high/low. Have a 2:1 Target, so if the Stop is 25 the Target will be 50.

It can also be used for swing trading.

How to trade

Reading this indicator signals is quite simple:

  • BUY when the indicator turns blue
  • SELL when the indicator turns red

4x Pip Snager Trend Mt4 Indicator


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