CCM technical indicator is an oscillator represented by a histogram and a signal line.

The signal line is a moving average oscillating around the level 0 and that identifies the momentum. The histogram provides buy or sell signals.

The indicator calculates the difference between the higher high and lower low for a specified period in order to take market volatility into account.

Trading Signals

Buy Signal

  • The histogram is positive, above the level 0 – green
  • The histogram crosses upward the zero line and becomes positive – bullish trend
  • Bullish divergence: the price falls down (higher high lower) and histogram is going up (new higher low). A upward correction of prices is expected.

Sell Signal

  • The histogram is negative, below level 0 – red
  • The histogram crosses down the zero line and becomes negative – bearish trend
  • Bearish divergence: the price is rising (new higher low) and histogram is going down (again above lower). A downward correction of prices is expected.


Ccm2 Mt4


  • File: CCM2.mq4
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  • File: CCM3.mq4
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