FerruFx Multi Info

FerruFx Multi Info is a valid Indicator giving you a global overview of how the forex currency is behaving on every timeframe. Furthermore, it shows the trend direction according to several technical indicators: MA (20); MA (50), MA (100), MACD, CCI (14), ADX (14), Bulls and Bears.

It also displays:

  1. Stop Loss and how many pips remain for it
  2. Profit or Loss by pips and its percent from capital
  3. Max Lot that you can use according to your capital

Ferrufx Multi Info


  • File: FerruFx_Multi_info+.mq4
  • Size: 65 Kb

FerruFx Multi Info THV

Ferrufx Multi Info Thv


  • File: FerruFx_Multi_info THV.ex4
  • Size: 79 Kb

FerruFx Multi Info + Light Chart v1.1

Ferrufx Multi Info + Light Chart V1.1


  • File: FerruFx_Multi_info+_light_chart_v1.1.mq4
  • Size: 84 Kb

FerruFx Multi Info+ Light (Separate Window)

Ferrufx Multi Info + Light Separate Window


  • File: FerruFx_Multi_info+_light_separate window.mq4
  • Size: 86 Kb

FerruFx Multi Info v1.2

Ferrufx Multi Info+ V1.2


  • File: FerruFx_Multi_info+_v1.2.ex4
  • Size: 63 Kb
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