FTLM Histogram

Fast Trend Line Momentum Oscillator (FTLM) shows the rate of price change.

The histogram is based on the values ​​of FATL, RFTL, STAL and RSTL digital filters.

Trading Signals

Buy Signal

  • The histogram rises over the level 0 – bullish trend;
  • Bullish divergence: prices fall while the FTLM histogram fails to score new lows, a bullish trend is likely to start.

Sell signal

  • The histogram crosses below the level 0 – bearish trend;
  • Bearish divergence: prices rise while the FTLM fails to score new highs, a downward correction of prices is expected.

Ftlm Histogram


  • File: FTLM_hist.mq4
  • Size: 6 Kb


Ftlm Kg Histogram


  • File: FTLM_KG_hist.mq4
  • Size: 10 Kb
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