i-BigBars From H1

This indicator can display H1 candle chart on any lower timeframe chart. It is also possible to display higher timeframe, and even customize the period setting with H5, H7 and H11. Bullish and Bearish candles are painted in different colors.

In the setting window, you can modify the following parameters:

  1. TFBar = 6 – Set TimeFrame
  2. offsetHour = -2 – Offset hours.
  3. NumberOfBar = 30 – The number of candles.
  4. ColorUp = Silver – Bullish Candle Color.
  5. ColorDown = RoyalBlue – Bearish Candle Color.

I Big Bars From H1


  • File: i-BigBarsFromH1.mq4
  • Size: 4 Kb
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