L Correlation

This forex indicator calculates the correlation between 2 currency pairs. This coefficient can be calculated according to different formulas, that you can select from the setting window:

  • Close price of the bar (0)
  • Difference between open and close prices (1)
  • Difference between close price and the highest price of the bar (2)

Other parameters you can modify according to your needs:

  • Pair = is the currency pair you can chose to correlate to the one in your chart
  • ShowMA = shows the buffer of the correlation coefficient’s moving average
  • MA_Period = period of the moving average.
  • ResultingBars = the number of bars to consider when calculating the correlation
  • CorrelationRadius = the radius of the correlation.

L Correlation Mt4 Indicator


  • File: L_Correlation.mq4
  • Size: 7 Kb

L Correlation v2

L Correlation V2 Mt4


  • File: ^L_Correlation_v2.mq4
  • Size: 25 Kb
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