Level Stop Reverse

Level Stop Reverse is a non repainting indicator working as an Automated Trailing Stop Loss with Automatic Trading Signals.

You can chose between two modes:

  1. Optimized Mode calculates the stop line by using an EMA (14) and Smoothed ATR (14) multiplied by a fixed multiplier of 2.824.
  2. Manual Mode you decide the number of pips where to place the Stop Loss. Below you will find two different type of Level Stop Reverse with different customizable features:
  • ATR mode (customizable ATR period, multiplier and smoothing)
  • Fixed Stop Mode (customizable fixed stop)

Mt4 Levelstop Reverse


  • File: MT4-LevelStop-Reverse.mq4
  • Size: 10 Kb

Level Stop Reverse (ATR Mode)

Mt4 Levelstop Reverse Atr Mode


  • File: MT4-LevelStop-Reverse-ATR-mode.mq4
  • Size: 11 Kb

IndicatorĀ Settings

  • UseATRMode: Draws the stop line on ATR customizable period, multiplier and smoothing.
  • NonATRStopPips: Set the number of fixed pips to place the stop line.
  • ATRPeriod: Set the ATR period.
  • ATRMultiplier: ATR value will be multiplied by this value when calculating the stop line.
  • ATRSmoothing: Set the EMA period to smooth the ATR with.
  • UpArrowColor: The color of the bullish signal.
  • DnArrowColor: The color of the bearish signal.
  • ArrowDistance: Set the distance of the arrow from the stop line.
  • AlertSound: Activate sound alert when the reverse condition occurs.
  • AlertMail: Send email alert.

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