Pretty T3

The technical indicator is a moving average changing color according to the strength of the trend.

The moving average is a T3 DEMA smoothed with Tim Tillson algorithm.

Trading Signals

Buy Signals

  • Pretty T3 line is bullish, blue – bullish trend
  • The price crosses above the moving average T3 – Trend bullish

Sell Signals

  • Pretty T3 curve is bearish, red – bearish trend
  • The price crosses below the moving average T3 – bearish trend

This indicator uses full RGB color scheme. It also uses object for drawing instead of IndexBuffers.

Pretty T3


  • File: Pretty T3.mq4
  • Size: 3 Kb

Pretty T3 LK

Pretty T3 Lk V1.2


  • File: Pretty T3 LK
  • Size: 3 Kb
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