Probability Meter

ProbMeter Indicator is a very usefull data tool, showing several information about the current major trend and its strenght. Also used to trade binary options.

It can be shown in tiny or standard size:

108 109

It works with any timeframes and currency pairs.


Trading Signals

  • Multi-Info+: more than 75 (red/green) for strong Up/Down trend
  • Indice Strength: 0-1-2 for strong Down trend, 7-8-9 for strong Up trend, 3-4-5-6 for sideway
  • Currency Pair Range: range of 5 or more between the 2 currencies. Example: 7-2, 9-3 etc for a strong Uptrend, 0-5, 2-8 etc for a strong Downtrend
  • MACD and Stoch: red color for Downtrend, green for Uptrend and Orange for ranging market

The global value in percent (%) is the resulting combination of the 5 values listed above. 75-80% is a good point for entering the market.

Prob Meter MT4


  • File: ProbMeter_v1.1.ex4
  • Size: 62 Kb
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