SQ Dynamic Breakout Box

SQ Dynamic Breakout Box Indicator helps to identify trade setup of price breakout. It doesn’t repaint.

Entry the market when the current candle break out the box, bear in mind the following conditions:

  • Use the H1 Timeframe
  • Breakout candle should close out of the boz (top for long entry, bottom for short)
  • Price should move at least 5 pips over the box before entry (to minimize impact of fake breakouts)
  • First TP at +10 pips (+15 from the box)
  • Second TP (close your remaining position) at +20 pips (+25 from the box) OR when a second box is formed

Sq Dynamic Breakout Box


  • File: sqDynamicBreakoutBox.mq4
  • Size: 38 Kb
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