VKW Bands also called VKWBIBS Indicator is a forex oscillator that combines the work of two indicators: WKB and Internal Bar Strength (IBS).

It works pretty similar to any other forex oscillators with the difference that it provides signals much faster and doesn’t repaint.

Trading Signals

  • Sell when the red line crosses the upper blue from above
  • Buy when the red line crosses the lower blue from below

Use a trend indicator to filter the signal, only open position in the same direction of the major trend.

Vkw Bands Ibs


  • File: VKW Bands – IBS.mq4
  • Size: 3 Kb

VKW Bands Modified Version

This version generates arrows and alerts everytime a new signal is produced.

VKW Bands Modified


  • File: VKW Bands mod.mq4
  • Size: 3 Kb
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