Volty Channel Stop

Volty Channel Stop is a trend following indicator using the ATR and the Moving Average indicator for calculation of support/resistance lines. Many traders use this indicator to replace Parabolic SAR as it works similarly.

How to trade with Volty Channel

It draws blue and red dots above/below the price, they signals reversal points in the trend.

  • Buy when a new blue dot appears below the price. Set Stop Loss few pips below the blue dot.
  • Sell when a red dot apears above the price. Set Stop Loss few pips above the red dots.

Volty Channel Stop


  • File: VoltyChannel_Stop.mq4
  • Size: 10 Kb

Volty Channel Stop v1

Volty Channel Stop V1


  • File: VoltyChannel_Stop_v1.mq4
  • Size: 5 Kb

Volty Channel Stop v2.1

Volty Channel Stop V2.1


  • File: VoltyChannel_Stop_v2.1.mq4
  • Size: 5 Kb
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