Weekly HiLo

Weekly HiLo indicator automatically draws boundaries lines on the chart, according to the higher and lower prices of the week. A third middle line is traced in the middle and represents the average price level, based on the formula: (high + low ) / 2

This lines forma a channel that can be traded as support and resistance levels:

  • Predict the amplitude of price fluctuations;
  • Show levels where the price may stop or bounce;
  • Point out reversal points by identifying extreme areas of overbought and oversold.

 Trading Signals

BUY Signal

  • Price hits a level of support during an uptrend
  • When a resistance level is broken from below, it becomes a new support level

SELL Signal

  • Price hits a level of resistance during a downtrend
  • When a support level is broken from above, it becomes a new resistance level

Weekly Hilo


  • File: WeeklyHILO.mq4
  • Size: 3 Kb

Weekly Hgh/Low Shj

Weekly Hilo Shj


  • File: Weekly_HILO_Shj.mq4
  • Size: 4 Kb
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